Bongo 1.9.7 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9.7 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, September 19th.


Auto Analysis - Content Meter


  • Instructors now have the ability to set ‘key terms they would like students to include in their video submissions when creating an Individual Project. These key terms will be used to generate a new content rating that will be presented in the Auto Analysis™ report along with the delivery ratings.
  • If this option is configured, users will have one more option in the Auto Analysis™ report drop-down for key terms. This will show a list of all configured key terms and how many times they were used in the video. Clicking on each term will show the user where the term appears in the transcript.
  • If Auto Analysis™ scores are enabled, users will see both a delivery score, a content score, and a combined score at the top of the report.
  • If scores are disabled, only the gauges will be shown, and no combined scores will be shown.

Auto Analysis - New Interface

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  1. The individual ratings for each of the delivery metrics (Clarity, Filler Words, and Speaking Rate) have been moved above the transcript and are now accompanied by gauges so users can quickly determine if they were above or below the desirable ranges, and if they are outside, how far outside they are.
  2. Highlighting of filler words and unclear words on the transcript are now toggled by a drop-down menu. This selection is now accompanied by a list of the most frequently used filler words or the top 10 least clear words in the video. Clicking on words in the list will show the user where they appear in the transcript. By default, filler words are selected when launching the report.
  3. A new selection is available from the drop-down menu which shows the user the top 10 words used overall in their video. Clicking on each word in the list will show the user where they appear in the transcript. This list does not include stop words. (Small common words such as “the”, “a”, and “and”)
  4. Users are now able to download the transcript that is generated for their video to a text file.
  5. To accommodate the new features, the report will now be displayed in a full-screen mode instead of a dialog.

  Defect Fixes

  Note: The list below refers to user-facing defect fixes only.

  • A defect where videos recorded with audio and desktop share, but no webcam video would fail to process the AutoAnalysis™ report has been fixed.
  • A defect where a video would fail to upload correctly when transferring from Dropbox or OneDrive has been fixed.
  • A defect where saving a draft grade for a legacy assignment could result it odd behavior for the student has been fixed.
  • A defect for MindTap users where the copy groups functionality would fail if an educator had previously accessed the assignment as a demo student has been fixed. 
  • Some accessibility and localization defects have been fixed.
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