In-Class Presentation


Instructors: demonstrates how to facilitate an In-Class Presentation assignment.  


Depending on your organization's setup with Bongo, you may not see In-Class Presentation as an option for your course.

1: Set Up the Presentation

After you've opened the In-Class Presentation assignment, click Begin Recording in the navigation bar at the top of the page. 


When it's time for a learner to begin their presentation, click Set As Speaker next to that learner.


You will select a USB-connected camera that is facing the presenter. Click the dropdown meny at the bottom of the video feed to select your camera.


If you are having other learners in the room give feedback during the session, make sure they have the assignment. You can view their instructions here.

When you and the learner are ready to begin, click Record.


2: Add Time-Stamped Comments

Throughout the presentation, you can leave time-stamped comments for the learner to review later so they can improve their presentation skills. When you have a comment, click Add Comment.


When you are done typing your comment, click Add.


Pro Tip

You can also create preset comments to save you time in the future!

3: Evaluate with a Rubric

If you are evaluating with a rubric, click Open rubric above the video.


You can Save the rubric scores or Save as Draft.

When the learner is done presenting, click STOP.


Verify that you're ready to finish, and click SUBMIT


Now you can choose the next learner to present and continue the process. Learners will be able to see your comments and rubric scores afterward within Evaluation

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