Bongo 1.9.6 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9.6 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, August 22nd.


Submission Workflow Improvements

We've updated the submission workflow for both Individual Project and Group Project to streamline the user experience for all learners. The update is designed to better enable practice opportunities for learners. 


  • The Plus button for adding content at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with an Add button inside the Work in Progress card.
  • When clicking on the new Add button, documents and links are now separate tools, and the combine video function has also been added to this menu.
  • The submission card is now a subsection of the Work in Progress card instead of a separate card below the Work in Progress area.
  • The actions for marking an item for submission, previewing items, and viewing the Auto Analysis™ report have all been moved outside the vertical ellipsis menu and made more prominent.
  • Various wording and messaging changes were made to help guide the user through the workflow.

Learner Activity - Insights During Grading

  • When Individual Project and Group Project assignments are submitted, instructors can now see a summary of all items added by the learner during the assignment. This can give great insight into how much the learner practiced their recording and engaged in the assignment before submitting.
  • The instructor can see a count of how many items were submitted, how many were left in Work in Progress, and how many were deleted from Work in Progress. Submitted items and items left in Work in Progress are split by type: Video, document, link, or meeting recording.


Group Project - Copy Previous Groups

  • Group creation now includes the ability to copy group from previous assignments. For instructors who reuse groups, this will save a lot of time throughout the course!
  • When configuring groups for a group project which does not have groups set up already, the user will now be prompted to either manually configure the groups or copy them from a previous group project assignment. If the user selects to copy from a previous Group Project assignment, they will be presented with a dropdown containing all previous Group Project assignments in the current course.


Virtual Classroom - Bandwidth Requirement Improvements

  • Virtual Classroom has been improved to require lower bandwidth from both moderators and participants, making Bongo easier to access than ever! Click here to see how this change may apply to you.

  Defect Fixes

  Note: The list below refers to user-facing defect fixes only.

  • A defect where the Cancel button was unresponsive when retaking a Q&A question has been fixed.
  • A defect where long file names for Work In Progress items could cause scrolling issues on some mobile devices has been fixed.
  • Some localization fixes have been made.
  • The message shown when uploading an unsupported file to the presentation area of Virtual Classroom has been expanded to show all supported file types.
  • If an error occurs during processing of the screen share portion of a dual stream video, the error will now be displayed to the user properly.
  • Action icons and submission icons on the grading page are now all in a consistent order.
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