How to Set Up LTI Custom Meeting Launches


Demonstrates how users using Bongo through a standard LTI integration can directly launch to the Meeting List page.

A custom LTI parameter can be sent with each LTI request and instead of launching into the assignment list or deeplinking into an assignment, the meeting list page will be loaded. This can be used in both deep-linked and non-deep-linked classes. This allows for easier more direct access to the meeting tool and can be an easier workflow for users without having to go through another Bongo link to access. The custom parameter is simple enough that it can be configured in most LMS systems.

In order to launch the Bongo meeting list, the following custom parameter must be included in the LTI request:


(Also note that most LMS systems will automatically prepend all custom LTI parameters with the prefix as all custom parameters must be prefixed as such according to the LTI standard)

Example: Creating a Custom Meeting Launch in Moodle


In Moodle, custom parameters can be added to each LTI link so a user can easily make ‘standard’ links along with meeting links.

When creating the external tool link, under General>show more… there is a field called ‘Custom parameters’. Inside this field the user can add the following text:


(Moodle will automatically prepend the custom_prefix). Once this setting is in place, that link will launch directly to the meeting list.

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