Bongo 1.9.5 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9.5 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, July 25th.


Meeting List Direct Launch

  • Users using Bongo through a standard LTI integration can now directly launch to the Meeting List page.
  • This allows for a more streamlined user experience where users will not be required to launch the Assignment List or a specific assignment in order to access the Meeting List from the hamburger menu and instead will launched directly to the Meeting List.
  • Instructions on how to set the up can be found here.

Added LMS Code filter to Caption Manager

  • The video list in the Caption Manager panel can now be filtered using LMS Code. This is the same course identifier shared between an LMS and Bongo during an LTI request that uniquely identifies a course within an institution.


  Defect Fixes

  Note: The list below refers to user-facing defect fixes only.

  • A defect where the URL embedded instructions in the MindTap integration were overlapped by the ‘Open in new tab’ button has been fixed. 
  • A defect where generated anonymous reviewer names would continue to increment if the rubric dialog was repeatedly opened and closed was fixed. 
  • A defect where users could encounter a blank screen in a meeting if users were using the chat feature and one user leaves and reenters the meeting has been fixed. 
  • The time to load the rubric drop down during assignment creation has been significantly reduced. 
  • A defect where student names would not be shown correctly in the gradebook of group projects if the window was resized a certain way has been fixed. 
  • A defect where external users to Virtual Classroom would fail to join audio if their input name contained quotes has been fixed. 
  • A defect where the screen share button in Virtual Classroom would be disabled with no message if the user did not have the screen share Chrome extension installed has been fixed. 
  • Legacy wording for the Five Star options was fixed. 
  • Certain scenarios which could cause videos to fail during processing have been addressed. 
  • The keyboard focus visual cue on the plus buttons have been improved. 
  • Students will now be able to toggle captions on for an interactive video assignment before starting the assignment. 
  • Educators creating an assignment will now be able to see the captions for any video imported from their media library during assignment creation. 
  • Improved error handling when trying to save rubrics with too many characters in a cell. 
  • Improved some translation issues that were present. 
  • A defect where certain letters would be cut off in the meeting creation dialog has been fixed. 
  • A defect where users would not be able to edit point values on a copied rubric until they save and re-edit the rubric has been fixed. 
  • A defect where importing a rubric would truncate any decimal values has been fixed. 
  • A defect where incorrect grades could be shown if rubrics with very high point values were used. 
  • A defect where content developers were not able to include spaces in the template identifier field has been fixed. 
  • Users will no longer be able to save a rubric if the maximum point value is 0. 
  • A defect which would cause an error if a user attempted to combine an uploaded audio file with an uploaded video file has been fixed. 
  • A defect which would cause presentation files with embedded EMF files to fail to upload to the Virtual Classroom presentation space has been fixed. 
  • A defect which prevented users in group projects from giving other group members text feedback if they had given that member a 0 scoring rubric has been fixed. 
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