Bongo 1.9.4 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9.4 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, June 20th.


Auto Analysis™: Broad Availability

  • The Auto Analysis tool previously available in beta is now broadly available to all customers* without needing to be toggled on per institution or course.

    *Depending on your organization's membership with Bongo, this may be a premium feature.

  • Analysis will only be available for any videos uploaded by students to Individual Project assignments.
  • Analysis of videos will begin automatically after the video has finished processing (instead of only being on-demand), so the analysis report will be available quicker.


  • Score Toggle: Score calculation can now be toggled on and off. By default, scores are disabled, but can be enabled per assignment in the assignment configurations. When the scores are disabled, the metrics and ratings (desirable, outside the desirable range, significantly outside the desirable range) are shown, but no numeric scores will be calculated.
  • If the speaking rate is deemed to be outside the optimal range, the tooltip will now indicate whether it is above or below the optimal range.
  • When accessing the analysis report, users will be notified if Bongo is not confident it is able to accurately access the video due to poor video quality or different languages spoken. (Analysis is currently only available for English videos)
  • Accessibility and mobile view improvements were made to the analysis report.

Virtual Classroom Improvements

  • New network quality detection was added to determine if users are accessing a meeting from an unstable network. New messages will appear suggesting to the user to disable the camera streams if their network connection is deemed unstable. If no camera streams are shown and network connection is still deemed unstable, the user will receive a message alerting them that they may experience degraded quality.


  • Ping measurement in the network health indicator is now based on information included in the audio or video streams and will be updated more often.
  • Backend stability improvements were made to improve the user experience.

  Defect Fixes

  Note: The list below refers to user-facing defect fixes only.

  • Fixed an issue where comments exceeding the character limit where not handled nicely.
  • Some fixes were made to address localization issues.
  • An issue was fixed that could cause the legacy assignment forms to get stuck when saving.
  • An issue was fixed where the save assignment button was enabled before the rubric list was loaded.
  • An issue was fixed where dragging multiple videos at once from the desktop to the video uploader would attempt to upload some of the videos multiple times.
  • When editing comments, the submit button will now be disabled if all the text is deleted.



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