Bongo 1.9.3 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9.3 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, May 23rd.


Added support for Canadian French (fr_CA)

Bongo has added support for Canadian French (fr_CA). Previously, if a user was using this locale, they would see the regular French translation. Now, those users will see the new Canadian French translation


Template Settings Improvements

Improvements were made to the Template Settings screen by introducing a template toggle. This adds the ability to ‘unmark’ a course as a template so it can be used like a regular course and makes the workflow clearer.


Streamlined Audio Reconnect Experience

In a Virtual Classroom session, if a user is disconnected from audio due to network issues, the user will now have an option inside the disconnect message to reconnect to audio.


  Defect Fixes

  Note: The list below refers to user-facing defect fixes only.

• Fixed wording in group project activity log to say, ‘combined video’ instead of ‘composed video.’
• Fixed an issue where the educator view could display inconsistent values when viewing average peer review scores if that student had completed a self-evaluation rubric.
• Fixed an issue where the Pass/Fail grade would display incorrectly to an educator in after switching the grade in a group project.
• Modified the error message shown when students attempt to access deep links that are not yet configured so it is less generic and lets them know the link has not been configured yet.
• Fixed an issue that would intermittently cause a video to appear to the user to be stuck in the processing state, even though the video had been successfully processed.
• Made an error message more user friendly that appears if trying to upload more than one video where only a single video is allowed.
• Fixed an issue where files with capitalized file extensions would fail to upload via the transfer from cloud service process.
• Fixed an issue where the participant locking options in Virtual Classroom would not always take effect.

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