Bongo 1.9.2 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9.2 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, April 25th.


Virtual Classroom Error Message Improvements

The error message shown when the network has been disconnected has been changed from blue to red to indicate the severity of the problem. The wording has also been updated.


If a user is disconnected from audio, they will now be prompted with a notification informing them of what happened and prompting them to manually reconnect to audio.


  Defect Fixes

  Note: The list below refers to user-facing defect fixes only.

  • Fixes were made to clean up some minor issues in the iOS Q&A workflow.
  • An issue was fixed where .ppt /.pptx files would fail to upload on some systems where .ppt / .pptx files are unrecognized by the operating system.
  • Some localization fixes were made in the Virtual Classroom area.
  • A fix was made to address an issue where the buttons to add video comments were not shown on mobile devices with certain screen sizes.
  • A fix was made to address an incorrect tooltip on the breakout room dialogue in Virtual Classroom.
  • A fix was made to address an issue where the download speed measurement in Virtual Classroom could be inaccurate.
  • A defect was fixed where the recording timestamp would display incorrectly when completing a practice Q&A question when the ‘Record Reaction’ option was enabled.
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