Bongo 1.9 Release Notes


Indicates the new features, changes, and defect fixes included in the Bongo 1.9 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, February 28th.


iOS Support for Q&A via Safari

Completion of Q&A assignments is now possible via Safari on an iOS device with no need to download an additional application. The workflow is now the same as a user on a desktop would have. If Bongo is embedded in another application, the user will be prompted to launch the Q&A in another tab.


The legacy Q&A Application for iOS is no longer supported and has been removed from the store with the 1.9 release.


Users accessing a Q&A assignment via Chrome or Firefox for iOS will be asked to open the Q&A assignment in Safari.


In rare instances, iOS users with Bluetooth headsets may have difficulties getting the recorder to recognize audio. If this happens to you, please try refreshing the page. If the issue persists, please try using your device’s built in microphone.

Mobile Video Workflow

The mobile video adding process has been improved in multiple ways.


  • Drag and Drop portion of UI was removed in mobile view as it didn’t make sense from a mobile device.
  • Add Video option will now filter out unsupported file types. (Photos in particular)
  • Record Video option will now automatically launch the device camera and will choose the front camera if possible.

  Usability Improvements

Improved contrast for 'play' video icon

The ‘play’ icon on videos was updated to have better contrast with lighter video thumbnails.


Required fields highlighted red

During assignment creation, required fields are now highlighted in red if they are not filled out, making it more clear which fields still need to be filled out.


Warning for due dates set in past

During assignment creation, users are now warned if attempting to set a due date in the past.


Warning for milestones set in past

When in a group project, users are now warned if attempting to set a milestone due date in the past.


Updated UI for LMS error page
The page that is shown if an LMS fails to send a first name, last name, or email address has been updated to remove the old legacy-style frame.
Updated YouSeeU to Bongo
Some wording has been changed to reflect the change from YouSeeU to Bongo.

  Defect Fixes

Video Assignments

Couldn't delete empty individual projects

Individual projects can now be deleted if they have no learner content in them.

Couldn't delete documents in mobile view
Documents in Work in Progress or Ready to Submit can now be deleted in mobile view.
Minor grade discrepancies
Multiple defects which could cause minor grade discrepancies have been fixed.
Downloaded comment report had incorrect formatting
Incorrect formatting in the downloadable comment report has been fixed.
Legacy tutorial videos had incorrect links
Links to ‘How do I do this’ videos for legacy assignments have been fixed.

LTI Issues

Deep links did not work with leading spaces in LTI identifier
Fixed a defect where deep links did not work correctly if the provided LTI identifiers had leading spaces.
Error caused by long first/last name

A defect which caused an error if the first or last name provided by an LMS was too long has been fixed.


Helpdesk errors
Various fixes in the helpdesk interface have been fixed. (Errors when viewing class information, viewing certain types of videos, and sorting LTI requests by column)
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