Add Chrome Extension for Screenshare


Demonstrates how to install the Chrome extension for screenshare. 

In order to share your screen while using Chrome, you'll need to add our screenshare extension.

If you are sharing your screen within Individual/Group Project or Virtual Classroom, you'll be prompted to add the extension at that time. If you aren't prompted, make sure that your browser is not blocking the pop-up prompt.

Pro Tip

If you plan to use Chrome, we recommend adding the screenshare extension now. That way, you are ready to share your screen in an assignment or Virtual Classroom.

Install Extension Now

Once you are on the browser extension page, click Add to Chrome.


Click Add extension in the pop-up box.


Now, you'll be ready to share your desktop in Bongo!


If you added the extension while in Individual/Group Project or Virtual Classroom, you'll need to refresh the Bongo page and share your screen again.

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