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Instructors: demonstrates how to create & manage groups after setting up a Group Project assignment. If you selected Instructor Formed groups while creating a Group Project, you will need assign learners to groups before they can access the assignment content; if you selected System or Learner Formed, you can Manage Groups manually once the group creation date has passed.


Each student must open a Bongo page while logged into their individual account before you assign them into groups. Students who have not yet accessed Bongo will not appear in the lists described below for group assignment.

When students see the Bongo interface, usually blue and white as pictured below, then no further action is required on their part; they are now ready for group assignment.

To start, you will need to access the Create Groups Page:

From Assignments Page From the Gradebook

From the Assignments page, click the to the right of the assignment you would like to manage groups for and select Manage Groups.

For a preview of this workflow, click the GIF below to view larger.


Next, you will need to choose if you would like to Manually manualicon.png create your groups, or Copy Copyicon.png groups from an existing assignment. 


Manual Creation Copy From Assignment


Depending on your institution's integration, you may need to synchronize the roster in order to see all learners who are registered to the course.


To begin, click Create groups. 


Next, you must input the number of groups you would like to form for the assignment. Don’t forget to click Create when finished!


To assign (or reassign) learners to groups, you will need to Drag and Drop each learner to the selected group.



A lock symbol lockicon.png will appear next to a learner’s name when they have contributed to the assignment. Once this lock symbol is in place, you will not be able to move the learner to a different group.

Please remember to click Save when you are finished!


For a preview of this workflow, click the GIF below to view larger.



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