Browser Compatibility


Lists the specific browser compatibility with each major feature. For full system requirements, click here.

For best functionality, be sure to use Chrome or Firefox. 


When using Bongo in Firefox 70 within an iframe or private window, screenshare will not work. This was identified as a Firefox bug and fixed in their 70.0.1 release. If you are using Firefox 70, please update to Firefox 70.0.1 to avoid this issue. 

Browser In-Browser Video Recorder Enter Meetings  Desktop Sharing Other Features 
Chrome Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Firefox Yes Yes Yes*  Yes 
Edge No No No  Yes 
Safari No No No  Yes 
Internet Explorer No  No  No  Yes 
iPhone/iPad - Safari Yes  Yes No Yes
iPhone/iPad - Chrome/Firefox No  No  No  Yes 
Android/Tablet - Chrome/Firefox Yes   Yes No  Yes 
Other No No No Yes


Desktop share within Virtual Classroom is only fully supported in Chrome. In Firefox, you can only share a specific application window. If you want to share your entire screen, use Chrome.

Most browsers will update automatically (or have an option to do so). If you run into issues using Bongo (formerly YouSeeU), try (re)installing your browser - as you may have too many add-ons or restrictions.

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