Instructors: Evaluate & Grade Submissions


Instructors: demonstrates the primary functions of the Gradebook. To learn more about Grading Types, click here.

First, you'll need to navigate to the Gradebook in Bongo.

From your LMS From the Mindtap Learning PathFrom the Bongo Assignments Page

If your organization is deep-linked with Bongo, you are able to access the Gradebook from your learning management system by clicking on the assignment or content links in your learning management course.

Within the Gradebook, you can search for specific learners or sort them by name, peer reviews, grade, or available actions. To grade a specific learner, click Grade student submission to the right of their name.


  Pro Tip

If a learner has yet to submit their assignment, you'll see a View Progress link under the Actions column. You can review their assignment work before submission.

You are now on the Grading page.


To navigate between submissions, use the arrows Navigate_to_next_submission.pngin the top right corner of the Grading page. If needed, you can reset a learner submission.

To view the workflows for each feature within the Gradebook, click on the accordion below to expand the instructions. 

Evaluate Your Learners

Before assigning a grade, you can give the learner feedback on their submission with time-stamped text and video comments*. In the Submission box, you can also see the scores (if enabled) and comments from their peers.

*Please note, only this learner will be able to see your comments. 


To leave a text comment, type your feedback and click the Send Send.png icon or Ctrl + Enter on Windows and ⌘ + Enter on Mac. To add a video comment (recommended), click the video icon Video_Comment.png and record your feedback. The time limit for video comments is 15 minutesWhen the learner plays their graded submission back, they will see your text and video comments at the time you left them

To download a video submission, click the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner of the video. Select Download.


View the Learner's Activity Log

When Individual Project and Group Project assignments are submitted, you will see a summary of all items added by the learner during the assignment. This can give great insight into how much the learner practiced their recording and engaged in the assignment before submitting.

You will see a count of how many items were Submitted, how many were left in Work in Progress (Not Submitted), and how many were deleted from Work in Progress. Submitted items and items left in Work in Progress are split by type: Video, document, link, or meeting recording.


You are able to view any items left in Work In Progress by clicking on the carat icon at the top of the page, and select Student Progress.


Grade Learner Submissions

The Grade box is in the top left corner of the Grading page. Learn more about Grading Types.


Once you've entered a grade, you can either click Save As Draft (learner can't see their grade in draft mode) or Save (learner can see their grade). If you have enabled Grade Sync, the scores in the platform will be transferred to your LMS as a percent and will be used to calculate a final score based on the maximum points entered in your LMS.

If you have entered grades as drafts, you will be able to Finalize all drafts within the gradebook.

To do this, start by clicking on the vertical ellipses located on the top-right hand corner of the page.


Select Finalize all drafts.


Please note, once you have saved a grade to a learner's assignment, you can no longer change the assignment grade settings. 

View Completed Peer Review

At the bottom of the Grading page, you can see a summary of the peer review the learner has completed so far.


Creating and Editing Preset Comments

To start, click on the vertical ellipses on the top-right hand corner of the page.


Select Edit comment presets.


Here, you will be able to add multiple presets to be saved for future use.


After saving the presets, you will be able to view and select a preset after clicking on the Comment box. When you click on the selected preset, it will automatically publish to the learner.


Grade Sync

If you have enabled Grade Sync, the scores in the platform will be transferred to your LMS as a percent and will be used to calculate a final score based on the maximum points entered in your LMS.

Ex: A 22/25 rubric score will be 88%. If the maximum LMS score is 50 points, the learner will be given 44 points. The learner score in the gradebook will be 44/50 points.

To ensure a successful grade sync, please make sure all your students access the activity before you assign their grade. If the grade doesn't appear in the LMS gradebook, work with your student directly to verify they've agreed to the Bongo Terms & Conditions and accessed the Bongo activity using their individual account, then save the grade again to sync.

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