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For previous customers: highlights the background and workflow improvements of the new product release.

If you are one of our migrating customers, you may be wondering what exactly is different about the new platform and how this will impact your learning workflows. These changes are outlined below for you.

New Instructors

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We look forward to seeing you leverage the improved platform in new and creative ways.


Bongo (formerly YouSeeU) started in 2009 with the objective of creating assignments where learners show what they know instead of just regurgitating what they read on exams, discussion posts, and written assignments. Over time, our Video Assignment workflows became complicated for instructors to set up and confusing for some learners to complete.

Asset_1.png Much of the feedback we received centered on requests to simplify our workflows and improve the overall experience for mobile and tablet users. We also focused on making the platform more accessible for everyone, including those who need screen readers and captioning services.

With that feedback in mind, we’ve made great strides to improve the platform so instructors can create authentic assessments faster and learners can develop their ever-critical soft skills in a more user-friendly environment.



The updated platform is designed to respond to the device accessing it. For example, when using a mobile device, the platform changes to fit the screen size while still maintaining usability.

Android and iPhone/iPad users are able to record their videos directly into the product, join meetings, and complete assignments.

 Users can also upload videos that they recorded on their own device.


At this time, the following are not supported on mobile devices:

  • desktop share capabilities within Individual Project, Group Project, and Virtual Classroom

For full device compatibility details, see our article on Device Compatibility.

Simplified Navigation
Simplified-Navigation-18-18.png We redesigned the platform’s interface to simplify navigation and workflow configuration. There are fewer buttons available to learners, and instructors don’t have to make as many clicks to set up an assignment.

Assignment Creation

Video Assignment Setup

Instructors and Instructional Designers are presented with a simplified Video Assignment setup that leverages Default and Advanced Settings.

Default Settings: Based on 7 years of power-user practices, we created default settings; with this change, a Video Assignment can be set up in one minute or less.  

Advanced Settings: For those who prefer to fine-tune the assignment experience, advanced settings are available.

Due Dates

Due dates are no longer required. If desired, Instructors and Instructional Designers can add an optional Due Date (will not restrict learners from submitting). Assignments submitted later than the due date will be given a Late tag.

Video Assignment Types

Individual Project

With the new release, we have consolidated Video Presentation/Individual Video, Document Submission, and Sync Activity into Individual Project.

This single assignment lets learners create video presentations, submit documents, complete synchronous activities, and more - all within the same workflow. Instructors can customize the toolset (adding videos, creating meetings, or uploading documents/links) to meet the assignment objectives. 


Question & Answer

The Q&A assignment now includes the option to test within the assignment, which seamlessly combines assignment and testing completion.

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Interactive Video

To further streamline your workflows, the Interactive Video setup has been simplified.

Forced Retake: The forced retake option is applied to either no multiple choice questions or all of them. When enabled, the learner will be forced to rewatch the preceding video section and retake any questions answered incorrectly.

Set At End: By selecting Set At End, here is now an option have a question appear after the video finishes

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Group Project

The Group Project assignment remains consistent in its functionality with our improved user interface and workflows.

Learners can leverage our best-in-class group project dashboard to schedule milestones, evaluate teammates, hold virtual meetings, and compile their project deliverables.

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New Features

Desktop Share for Individual & Group Project

With the latest update, we have tried to ease the learners’ frustration when recording a presentation.

With the new Desktop Share Feature*, presenters now have the option to share their screen while giving a presentation with the goal of providing an authentic presentation process. This removes the need to edit file types and allows users to seamlessly give their presentation.

*Not currently available on mobile devices. 

Distributed Peer Review
Asset_2.png As part of the updates, we improved our peer review system as well. The new, patent-pending process ensures every learner receives a set number of peer reviews that automatically populate. Our system recognizes the least-reviewed submissions and selects them to be reviewed next.

Knowledge Base

Since we’ve streamlined our product, we’ve taken this opportunity to simplify our Knowledge Base as well. Stay tuned for more!


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