Share Desktop in Virtual Classroom Meeting


Explains how to share your screen in the Virtual Classroom meeting space when using Chrome. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements.

In Virtual Classroom meetings, you may want to share your screen with other participants*.


Desktop share within Virtual Classroom is only fully supported in Chrome. In Firefox, you can only share a specific application window. If you want to share your entire screen, use Chrome.

Click the Share Desktop icon.


If you are using Chrome and this is your first time sharing your screen, you will be prompted to install the Chrome extension for desktop sharing. Click the button below to view installation instructions.

How to Add Chrome Extension


The Chrome web store will open in a new tab. Click Add to Chrome.


Click Add extension in the pop-up box.


Navigate back to your Virtual Classroom meeting and Refresh the page.

Click the Share Desktop icon again and continue following the directions below.


If you'd rather add the Chrome extension ahead of time: 

Add Extension Now

You can share Your Entire Screen (recommended*) or Application Window. Select your preferred option and Share.

*Certain applications may not refresh quickly enough to display your actions. 


Other Virtual Classroom participants will see what you're sharing.


When you’re done sharing, click the Exit desktop icon.

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