Grading Types


Explains the grading types within Individual Project, Group Project, and Question & Answer assignments.

You have multiple grading types when creating an assignment.


*Auto Analysis as a grade type is only available within the individual project if enabled for your institution.

Individual Assignment: Auto Analysis™ as a Grade Type

If this grade type is selected, the Auto Analysis™ overall score for the submitted video will be used as the grade and does not require any user with an instructor role to assign the grade. Instructors are able to manually override the automatic grade within the Gradebook if desired. 

This will be visible in the Bongo post-submission workflows and will be synchronized with the LMS Gradebook if enabled. 

During configuration, the overall score, delivery score, or content score can be selected and will be used for the grade.scoreoptions.png

If the Content score option is enabled, you must configure the key terms before you are able to click the "Save" button.



Score an assignment between 0-100.

Select a rubric you've imported or created. You will then score the submissions by rubric category for a total score. The score you select will then be the score out of the total number of points allowed. When selecting Rubric, you will have the option to enable self-assessment and peer review with the same rubric.
Give learners either a 100% or a 0%.
Auto Pass
Automatically give learners a 100% when they submit an answer. Learners who have not submitted will not have a score. Since students will receive an automatic grade, the will not be able to reset their own assignments if this grade type is enabled. 
Five Star
Rate submissions with a 5-star rating scale. Each star is worth 20%. Ex: If you select 4 stars, then the learner would get an 80%.


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