Group Project - Advanced Settings


Explains how to customize group formation and team evaluation within Group Project using Advanced Settings.

When creating a group project, you can customize how groups are formed and if/how team members can evaluate each other. You can also customize the toolset available to your learners and their peer review experience.

To access Advanced Settings, scroll to the bottom of the assignment setup page and click Show Advanced.


On the Advanced Settings page, you can customize the Group Formation and Team Evaluation options.


  1. Group Formation

    Instructor Formed: By default, the group formation will be set to instructor-formed, which allows you to create groups manually.

    Learner Formed: Allows learners to select their own groups.

    System Formed: Requires learners to submit their availability by a deadline you choose. Then the system will choose the groups based on availability.

    Click here to learn how to create & manage groups.

  2. Team Evaluation

    You can select whether the groups will have access to team evaluations. If enabled, learners will be able to score their group members with either a five star rating or a rubric*. They can also leave comments.

    *The rubric for team evaluation does not require you to select rubric for the grading type. If you are using a rubric for grading, the team evaluation rubric can be different. 


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