Bongo 23.4 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 23.4 update, released on October 19, 2023.

Learning Objectives and Smart Scoring

  • Learning objectives are a set of items that learners are expected to understand and demonstrate in their videos. Adding Learning Objectives will tailor the AI coaching tips to your assignment and if Smart Scoring is used, will automatically score learner videos for each objective.
  • Instructors or Admins can create learning objectives by providing a reference document. This document can be a video transcript, a scoring sheet, a white paper, or anything that covers the content the learners are expected to understand. Once provided, Bongo will generate a set of learning objectives that can be used. Unwanted objectives or details can be deselected so they won’t be used.


  • Once learning objectives have been configured for an assignment, learners will be able to see a list of the objectives as part of their instructions, and when recording videos, the AI Coach tips and feedback will include feedback items relating to the learning objectives configured.

  • If Smart Scoring is enabled, submitted videos will be analyzed and automatically scored against the learning objectives on a five-point scale per each objective. Feedback for each objective will be provided explaining the score given and citing examples from the submitted video. Instructors are able to edit any of the objective scores if they disagree with the automatic results, or can choose to automatically publish the automatic scores if desired.

  • As of this first release, Learning Objectives and Smart Scoring are only supported for English speaking assignments.
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