Bongo 23.3 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 23.3 update, released on June 29, 2022.

AI Coach - Tone Analysis

When Auto Analysis is enabled, videos will now also be analyzed for their tone using the following tone ranges:

  • Confident vs. Nervous
  • Humorous vs. Serious
  • Formal vs. Casual
  • Persuasive vs. Informative

Learners are shown a gauge for each tone range indicating where on each spectrum their video lies. Learners can also select each tone range to see examples from their video where they exhibited each trait.

Tone analysis is available on the Auto Analysis report for any video where a report is available. Additionally, learners using Individual Project can find tone analysis below their video.

AI Coach - Tips & Feedback

When Auto Analysis is enabled videos are also analyzed to provide tips & feedback to the learner. This feedback can include both positive feedback on areas that the learner excelled in, as well as potential areas for improvement. Tips each include examples from the video to indicate where each piece of feedback is relevant.

Tips & Feedback are available on the Auto Analysis report for any video where a report is available. Additionally, learners using Individual Project can find tips & feedback below their video.

Individual Project - Updated User Experience

The Individual Project user experience has been updated to address common user feedback and take better advantage of new features such as the AI Coach. Updated aspects include:

  • A streamlined title bar with quicker access to information
  • An instructions box which is collapsible and will automatically collapse on subsequent visits to the page
  • A more prominent button for Preparing Submission. The ‘Prepare Submission’ button now allows learners to select videos and attachments to submit instead of moving items to the ‘ready to submit’ area
  • Videos recorded into Bongo are now separated from attachments and have a much richer viewing experience. Videos now play in-line instead of a popup and can be easily swapped between if multiple videos can be uploaded
  • If Auto Analysis is enabled, a new overview section is shown, which includes the score, the score details, a new summary of the AI Tips & Feedback, and an option to launch the full report
  • The new AI Coach analysis (Tone Analysis and Tips & Feedback) are available below the video.
    Attachments have been updated with new icons and have their own section.
  • The post-submission experience has been updated to include the new Auto Analysis Overview and AI Coach information, as well utilize the new attachment icons
  • The option to reset a submission has been updated for clarity


Auto Analysis - Flexible Key Term Matching

Auto Analysis key term matching is now much more flexible by default and will include more word variations and some synonyms. (e.g. the word ‘cheerful’ will now count as a match if one of the configured key terms is ‘happy’).

When configuring an assignment, instructors and authors can optionally flag each key term as requiring an ‘exact’ match. This will require the learners to say the exact word or phrase to get credit.

The exact option is defaulted off when new assignments are created, but any key terms configured before this update will have the exact option enabled, so existing assignments will need to be edited to take advantage of this feature.




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