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Demonstrates the workflow of a Question & Answer assignment. For instructor setup instructions, click here.

About Q&A

Learners: See how to complete Q&A here.

In a question and answer assignment, the learner is presented with prompts and given a set amount of time to respond. The learner only has one opportunity to answer each prompt, replicating the high-stakes environment of being asked questions in a face-to-face setting.

Use Cases

Oral Quiz, Checking for Understanding, Skills Demonstrations, Case Study Methodology, Mock Interviews, Language Practice

See how Penn State World Campus leveraged Q&A for Language Learning.

To ensure the best experience possible, see our Basic System Requirements.

For a preview of Q&A, view the video below. Please note, there is no voiceover for this video.


A practice option is available for learners to try out the Q&A recorder. This is also a good opportunity to check that video and audio are working properly.



After clicking Start Question, the video/text question appears and a timer counts down automatically*. The learner can skip the countdown and respond immediately by clicking Record

*If the instructor elects to record the learner's reaction, the recording begins immediately after the learner clicks Start Question.


Timer.png Once recording, the learner has a limited time to respond. The time allotted is indicated in red the upper right hand corner of the video recorder.

If finished before the time is up, the learner can click STOP in the bottom left corner of the video recorder. The video response will be submitted automatically*. 

Please note, learners will not be allowed to pause or restart the assignment. They will have only one chance to answer each question. If needed, instructors can reset the responses. 

*If the instructor has enabled retakes, then the learner must manually submit their response. 


This process continues until the learner has answered all the questions. The instructor may also enable random question mode.

Once processed, the video responses are visible to the instructor (and peers if peer review is enabled).


Learners also have the option to withdraw from a question. This means that there will be no video response, only a written reason for withdrawing.


Peer Review

When the instructor requires peer review, learners will review their peers’ video responses

View learner instructions: Peer Review

Instructors can customize this experience with peer review advanced settings.

Advanced Settings

Instructors can customize certain aspects - including post-submission instructions and self-assessment - in Advanced Settings.

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