Bongo 22.11 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 22.11 update, released on December 15, 2022.

Updated Video Player

An updated video player has been introduced into the post-submission workflows for both learners and instructors. 

  • If Auto Analysis is available for a video, a new graph appears above the comment box when the video is played. This graph shows a set of condensed Auto Analysis metrics, including the speaking rate graph, and indicators where key terms or filler words are used, or where the clarity drops. Users are able to hover over segments of the graph to get details about that segment of the video. The graph can be expanded to show some more detail if desired.
  • The look and feel of this player has been updated to match the fullscreen player. This includes an updated scrubber bar and updated tools below the video.
  • Various changes were made to make using the player more accessible to users navigating the player with a keyboard and/or a screen reader.


Webhook Notifications - Additional information

The learner status webhook notifications have been updated to include additional details about the submission.

  • The activityEvaluated event has been updated to include Auto Analysis information if it is available for the given submission. The delivery and overall scores are included if Auto Analysis is available, and if key terms were configured for the assignment, the content score will also be included.
  • The activityEvaluated event has been updated to include rubric details if a rubric was used to score the submission. If a rubric was used, each rubric category, along with the maximum and earned score for each category is included.


LTI 1.3 - Deep Link Support

Bongo now supports the LTI Deep Linking 2.0 standard, so any integrations utilizing LTI 1.3 can now take advantage of LTI Deep Linking workflows offered by their LMS. This standard can allow for a more streamlined selection/creation process for Bongo assignments.

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