Bongo 22.10 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 22.10 update, released on November 3, 2022.


Auto Analysis - G roup Project Support

  • Auto Analysis is now available in Group Project assignments. An option to enable or
    disable Auto Analysis is now available in the Group Project configuration, as well as
    an option to add Key Terms to be used during the analysis.
  • Along with this addition, Auto Analysis is now available as an evaluation type for
    Group Project assignments, and selecting this option will automatically evaluate
    group submissions using the Auto Analysis report for their submitted video.

Please note that Virtual Classroom recordings within a Group Project are not analyzed using
Auto Analysis.


Virtual Classroom - Export Attendance Report

Brightspace users who have access to the attendance report for Virtual Classroom
sessions now have the ability to export the report as a .csv file.



Webhook Notifications - Learner Status and Score Return

Support for a new set of webhook notifications has been added which can notify a platform of learner status changes within an assignment and also return scores given within Bongo. The following new events have been added and can be subscribed to by a partner platform, so these events can trigger notifications in their system. 

  • activitySubmitted - This event indicates that a Bongo assignment was submitted by a learner. 
    • An additional value is included which indicates if the assignment is configured for manual or automatic evaluation. 
  • activityEvaluated - This event indicates that a Bongo assignment has been evaluated and a final score is available.
    • The final score is included in an x/y format.
    • The evaluation type used is included. 
  • activityReset - This event indicates that a Bongo assignment has been reset and the learner is now able to submit again.
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